When Wayne and I met, we had both been looking to settle down. Our love was romantic and full. We put off having children until we both felt stable in our careers. 

A few years ago, we stopped ‘not’ trying to have kids. A year after that, with no pregnancy, we started actually trying. It was around the year and a half mark of not getting pregnant that a friend suggested I get on a fertility clinic’s waiting list. 

We got on the list and six months later we underwent all the tests. It took another few months to get the assessment with our doctor (unexplained infertility). 

My AMH was low and we wanted to get more information, so we decided to pay out of pocket to do a round of IVF.  Although the process was demanding physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, we were excited when they extracted 17 eggs. Unfortunately, out of 11 that fertilized only 2 made it to blast and out of those two embryos, both were abnormal. 

We were heartbroken. We knew IVF would be a process, but to go through it all with no viable embryos felt awful.  We were told it would be two years before we’d be eligible to receive financial support from the government (due to our clinic’s long waiting list). It was at this point that we were ready to give up.

Then a friend suggested I apply to the Fertility Friends Foundation.  Now that we are being helped by them we feel supported and ready to try again. 

There are no guarantees in life, but sometimes a little help can go a long way.