IVF Cycle Program

in partnership with fertility clinics
Creating a more equal access to fertility care

A unique partnership with fertility clinics making IVF treatment more accessible and affordable

In our commitment to create a more equal access to fertility care, Fertility Friends Foundation introduces a visionary collaboration that transcends traditional assistance in partnership with fertility clinics.  Unlike traditional funding options, this program provides tailored assistance for IVF treatment, addressing a critical need within the fertility community. 


      1. Starting with our Spring 2024 application process, patients apply for a grant with Fertility Friends Foundation through our application platform open 2 times a year on our website.
      2. If selected, Fertility Friends Foundation awards $5,000 to grant recipients that will be sent to the clinic.
      3. If the grant recipient is a patient of one of the Fertility Friends Foundation IVF cycle program partner clinics they will receive extra support with their IVF cycle provided by the clinic for a maximum of 5 patients / year.


Here are the parameters of what is included in the donation by the fertility clinic:


  • Cycle monitoring (up to 2 attempts)
  • Egg retrieval process
  • Fertilization and embryo culture in the lab
  • Embryo freezing
  • 1 fresh embryo transfer


  • Medications
  • PGT testing
  • Annual freezing cost
  • Any other adjunct treatments
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer


We are proud to partner with the following fertility clinics to offer the IVF cycle program.  


Fertility Friends Foundation grant recipients who are patients of one of our IVF Cycle partner clinics receive assistance to help offset some of the expenses associated with fertility treatments, making it more feasible for individuals and couples to pursue their dream of starting their family.

The IVF cycle program is made possible through partnerships with leading fertility clinics in Canada.  These clinics have generously committed to providing discounted IVF cycles for grant recipients of the Foundation (up to 5 cycles / year), ensuring high quality fertility care. 

Fertility Friends Foundation pricing

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Are you a fertility clinic interested in joining the IVF cycle program? 

We welcome new clinical partners to join us in our vision to provide financial acceptance and support to individuals and couples facing infertility challenges or need third party reproduction. Contact us today to learn more about partnership opportunities.

    Fertility Community

    A United Fertility Community

    Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those struggling with infertility and those who want to start or grow their families.  By joining hands with fertility clinics, we are not only expanding the reach of our impact but also strengthening a community built on trust, support, and shared values.

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