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Support Program

Fertility Friends Foundation endeavours to provide a supportive, empowering space and outlet for our grant recipients as they try to conceive.

Our support program involves preparing your body for pregnancy and finding solutions, options, and emotional support if you are having trouble getting or staying pregnant.  We want to assist couples or individuals who opt for in vitro fertilization (IVF) by offering support on an emotional, physical, and mental level, as well as complementary support services, to optimize the chances of getting and staying pregnant.



Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. 

Robert Ludlum 

Our Support Program

We are proud to have developed partnerships with the following therapists to help you in your fertility journey.

Each of these professionals has agreed to offer 1 free consultation pre-fertility treatment to each of the Foundation’s grant recipients. The following therapists have their practices in Toronto, Ontario. They can see you in person at their clinic or they can give you online support.



Infertility has become a rising concern and can be a private and difficult journey.

Acupuncture can assist IVF and IUI cycles, help restore balance to your health, reduce emotional and physical stress and promote better blood flow into the uterus.


Naturopathic medicine

Naturopathic medicine is an effective approach for supporting fertility and optimizing health throughout pregnancy.  Natural fertility treatment is a complement to conventional fertility treatment as it focuses on the health of the environment in which the egg will be fertilized and in which the fetus will grow.

Fertility Care

Fertility CareFertility nurses, also known as Reproductive Nurses or IVF Nurses, are nurses who care for those who seek counselling or treatment options related to reproductive health.  They commonly work with women struggling with infertility and individuals and couples having difficulty with conception.



Did you know that nutrition can help increase your odds of a successful outcome by up to 65%? Through nutrition guidance and improvements, your fertility and the prenatal journey can be created to help support both you, your partner and your baby.

For females, diet and lifestyle modifications have been proven to significantly increase fertility and pregnancy outcomes, and even support the health of future generations!



Osteopathy is a manual therapy that brings balance to the body by using gentle movements to correct structural and postural imbalances. Through treatment, structural dysfunctions are corrected to improve flexibility and movement of the spine and limbs to relieve obstructions to nerve and blood vessels which may inhibit the body’s capacity to heal and function.

The primary goal is to treat the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction rather than the symptom.

Genetic Counselling

Genetic Counselling

Genetic counselling gives you information about how genetic conditions might affect you or your family. The genetic counsellor will collect your personal and family health history.

Genetic Counsellors can use this information to determine how likely it is that you or your family member has a genetic condition. Based on this information, the genetic counsellor can help you decide whether a genetic test might be right for you or your relative. 

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