Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise developed in the early 20th century by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates.

If your fitness routine has been feeling a little stale, trying a new kind of class can make it feel fresh again.  Taking Pilates classes might be a good way to expand your fitness horizons, whether we’re talking about a class done on the mat or on a Pilates reformer.

Pilates is very versatile – while you certainly can do it in a gym or studio, you definitely don’t need to.  If at-home exercise is more your thing, or even if you want to acclimate yourself to the exercise type before joining a public class, there are plenty of streaming or virtual Pilates options too.

Bianca Bolissian

Bianca Bolissian

A former dancer and dance teacher I found a new passion in Pilates when I moved from Brazil to Canada.  I’ve been teaching clients and students for over 17 years and love to share my knowledge about body and movement. 

I recently had a baby after a long Fertility Journey and the nuances of my pre and post partum journey have given me an unique appreciation to body conditioning and sparked a newfound joy teaching mindful movement.   Because of my long journey to grow our family, I’m also on the path to become a Fertility Health Coach in order to help others struggling to bring home a baby. 

My goal is to join these worlds and bring guidance in Reproductive Health and Lifestyle, as well as promote safe and healthy movement. 

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