Mission and Vision

There is immense psychological distress that accompanies infertility and this is amplified by financial challenges.  Fertility Friends Foundation wants to alleviate this burden and ensure everyone has access to building a family of their own. 


Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time.  Invite one to stay.

Maya Angelou


Fertility Friends Foundation


Fertility Friends Foundation is a Canadian registered charity that offers grants to cover expenses associated with assisted reproduction such as IVF, egg and sperm donation and gestational surrogacy. Fertility Friends Foundation provides education and resources to families who are in need of support along their journey.


Infertility is a reproductive disease that is accompanied by physical, psychological, and emotional challenges. Fertility Friends Foundation’s goal is to provide a path toward parenthood by alleviating the financial and psychological burden of infertility.

"Going through fertility treatments is treacherous as it requires a lot of patience, strength and enormous amounts of courage. "

Patient C & Patient K – Couple: Age 34 & 38

"Now a mom to two children, I know that there should never be a dollar amount that should hinder one's ability to conceive a child."

Patient M: Age 37

"My heart aches for each and every couple who has to endure the financial burden that comes with infertility and the desire to so badly want to grow their family. "

Patient M: Age 36

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