Not My Tummy Surrogacy Grant

Providing additional support for families going through surrogacy

Surrogacy journeys are incredibly challenging. The two most challenging aspects in my view – matching with a surrogate, and affordability. Through Not My Tummy, I aim to remove barriers to matching, but this left cost as a considerable challenge for many families.

This is why partnering with Fertility Friends Foundation on the Not My Tummy Surrogacy Grant has become so important – to tackle financial barriers blocking individuals and couples from realizing their dream of having a child via surrogacy.

Baden Colt

Founder of Not My Tummy

Not My Tummy Surrogacy Grant

In addition to receiving a Fertility Friends Foundation $5,000 grant, grant recipients going through a surrogacy journey will automatically enter a chance to get the Not my Tummy Grant including the following:

A $5,000 grant for surrogacy-specific clinic costs (Health Canada donor screening, surrogate medical screening, surrogate and/or intended parent psychological screening, mock cycle costs, costs associated with an embryo transfer to a surrogate)

1 Not My Tummy Custom DIY Matching Roadmap ($1000 Value) or equivalent value towards another NMT service

All applicants will be reviewed by Fertility Friends Foundation’s medical and financial committees.


Baden Colt, Founder of Not My Tummy

Not My Tummy offers intended parents support in finding their perfect surrogate match. Services include social, digital and traditional media coaching, content creation and editing support, media pitching, and more. No matter how you‘d like to tell your story, NMT is here to help you tell it the best way you can.

ABOUT BADEN COLT: Baden Colt is a passionate storyteller, award-winning fertility change-maker, mom-by-surrogacy, and the founder of Not My Tummy. A master’s degree in health communication has led to over a decade of experience working in health care as a writer, marketer, and social media expert.

In 2017, Baden began her journey into the surrogacy world when doctors confirmed she would be unable to carry a pregnancy. Using skills honed from the corporate world, she began sharing her surrogacy journey online. Her story quickly went viral, reaching millions of people online – most importantly, her surrogate Ashley. After years of heartbreak and hope, Baden and her husband welcomed their daughter Scottie in the summer of 2023.

When intended parents from around the globe began asking for her help telling their own stories, she saw an opportunity to put her experience into practice. From there, Not My Tummy was born.

Eligibility criteria for Fertility Friends Foundation applicants:

Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and reside in Canada. Applicants must have a medical diagnosis of infertility certified in writing by a medical provider with the following exceptions:

  1. Applicants who are members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community
  2. Applicants who are single

Applicants must have seen a Reproductive Endocrinologist within the previous 6 months.

All applicants must not have a medical condition that would pose a serious risk to themselves or, in the case of females, the child they would carry (e.g. active acute infections).

All applicants must possess the means to offer continued child support (at least one partner must maintain employment).

Grant Applicants must be patients of a Fertility Clinic located in Canada. Grants will exclusively be disbursed to Canadian Fertility Clinics.

Recipients must begin treatment within 6 months after receiving the grant.

Clinical Criteria For Grant Applicants:

Applicants MUST be between 18 and 50 years of age.

Heterosexual couples MUST meet the ASRM definition of infertility

Same sex females: MUST have completed 6 IUI cycles unless other diagnoses of infertility have been made.


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