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The Lucy of Anishinaabe

Fertility Grant

G. Scott and Sarah Paterson, and Fertility Friends Foundation are working together to support Indigenous families across Canada to grow their families.

Fertility Friends Foundation is honoured to introduce The Lucy of Anishinaabe Fertility Grant in partnership with G. Scott and Sarah Paterson. Members of indigenous communities often encounter significant barriers when seeking access to fertility treatments. For too long, Indigenous peoples have faced numerous challenges in accessing reproductive healthcare and support services. Historical traumas, systemic inequalities and cultural barriers have all contributed to these disparities. Indigenous individuals and couples may face challenges such as geographic isolation, lack of culturally sensitive care, and limited financial resources.

Fertility Friends Foundation, and G. Scott and Sarah Paterson are working to change that narrative and create a more equitable future for indigenous families.

What is the Lucy of Anishinaabe Fertility Grant

The Grant has been made possible by Sarah Paterson, great granddaughter of Lucy who decided to give her name to the Grant. Lucy’s story is one of courage and strength, as she persevered through the atrocities of the residential school system.

Through this grant, we carry forward the spirit of empowerment that has been passed down through generations, ensuring that Lucy’s legacy lives on in the lives of those who are privileged to assist.

Lucy, a resilient member of the Nipissing First Nation and the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation.



The Lucy of Anishinaabe fertility grant serves as a tribute to Lucy’s resilience and as a beacon of hope for indigenous individuals seeking support on their journey to parenthood.

“As an Indigenous person who has personally struggled with fertility issues, this grant feels like the perfect alignment of my personal experiences and my desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others within my community.”

Together, we can break barriers, challenge stigma, and ensure that members of indigenous communities have access to fertility treatments..

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Fertility Friends Foundation for entrusting me with this opportunity. I am honoured to be a part of this vital work, and I look forward to the journey ahead. To my fellow indigenous individuals and families, know that you are not alone. Together, we will continue to persevere, thrive, and create a better world for generations to come.

Sarah Paterson

Great-granddaughter of Lucy

Eligibility criteria for Fertility Friends Foundation applicants.


The Lucy of Anishinaabe is open to any member of Indigenous communities. To apply, please fill out the general grant application form, click here.

In the application form, you’ll find the following question: Are you applying for a specific Fertility Friends Foundation Grant? Answer Yes, and select The Lucy of Anishinaabe Grant in the next question.

The Lucy of Anishinaabe grant eligibility:

  • You need to be a member of Indigenous communities to apply for the grant
  • You would need to include a copy of your Native Status Card in the application form

General grant eligibility: 

Applicants must have a medical diagnosis of infertility certified in writing by a medical provider with the following exceptions:

  • Applicants must have seen a Reproductive Endocrinologist within the previous 6 months.
  • All applicants must not have a medical condition that would pose a serious risk to themselves or, in the case of females, the child they would carry (e.g. active acute infections).
  • All applicants must possess the means to offer continued child support (at least one partner must maintain employment).
  • Recipients must begin treatment within 6 months after receiving the grant.

Clinical criteria for Fertility Friends Foundation applicants.


  • Applicants MUST be between 18 and 50 years of age.
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The Lucy of Anishinaabe Grant

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