Fertility Coaching

A fertility coach is a support person, who takes a more holistic approach to fertility care considering factors like stress management, mindset, and copying strategies. 

Fertility coaching is a type of coaching service that provides guidance, support, and education to individuals who are trying to conceive or facing challenges related to fertility. Fertility coaches are trained professionals who specialize in reproductive health, emotional well-being, and lifestyle factors that can impact fertility.

The role of a fertility coach can vary depending on the needs of their clients, but some common aspects of fertility coaching include:

Education and Information: Fertility coaches provide clients with information about the reproductive process, menstrual cycles, ovulation tracking, and various factors that can affect fertility. This knowledge helps individuals make informed decisions about their fertility journey.

Emotional Support: Trying to conceive can be emotionally challenging, especially for those who experience difficulties or face fertility issues. Fertility coaches offer emotional support, a safe space to discuss feelings and concerns, and coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety.

Advocacy and Navigation: Fertility coaches can guide clients through the complex fertility journey, helping them navigate medical appointments, treatments, and fertility-related services.

Decision-making Support: When individuals face difficult choices related to fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or other assisted reproductive technologies, fertility coaches can provide information to aid in decision-making.

It’s important to note that fertility coaching is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment from qualified healthcare professionals. Instead, it complements medical care by addressing the emotional and lifestyle aspects of fertility.

Support Program - Emily Getz

Emily Getz

Emily Getz, is a fertility mindset coach, studying under one of the top PGI Consultants, a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and the founder of Day 1, a first of its kind fertility support network and host of The Day 1 Podcast.

In October 2019, Emily was pregnant with her second child whom she lost unexpectedly at six months pregnant, due to an external infection. This experience changed her life and was the precipice of how Day 1 came to be.

Over the past three plus years, Emily has experienced a late pregnancy loss followed by a year of cycle monitoring, one IUI, three rounds of IVF, one ectopic pregnancy, (which resulted in the removal of her right fallopian tube), two failed fresh transfers and an 8-week miscarriage after conceiving unassisted.

Today you find her navigating what next steps look like all while documenting the emotions, decisions, disappointments and truths behind a fertility quest.

Day 1 Fertility

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