Genetic Counselling

Genetic counsellors play a crucial role in the fertility world. They raise awareness and offer solutions to individuals and families related to genetic diseases.

Genetic counsellors are trained in gathering a patient’s family medical history. They can use this information in many ways.  If there are conditions in the family that are known to be genetic or have a genetic component to them, we will identify those and discuss the chances of those conditions being passed on to your future children. We do our best to provide statistics and percentages where we can.  Here are the areas that are covered with Genetic Counselling for fertility patients: Preconception Counselling, Mosaic Embryo Review, Aneuploid Embryo Review, and Donor Selection. 

It is very common for people to see areas in their family history and assume they are genetic, or that there is a high risk they will be passed on to the next generation. People are often reassured after genetic counselling sessions because a risk that was previously unknown (or assumed) is now more defined.  Disease risks are often lower than people assume!

Support Program - Genetic Counselling

Meaghan Doyle MS, CGC 

Meaghan Doyle, MS, CGC is a Certified Genetic Counsellor with expertise in fertility, preimplantation genetic testing (PGT/PGS/PGD), assisted reproductive technologies, and preconception genetics. Sensitive and caring, she always knew she wanted to work to help people. She fell in love with genetics during her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. She went on to obtain her Master of Science in Genetic Counselling at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania.

After working in a fertility clinic where many patients came for second and third opinions, she was often the first genetic counsellor patients had access to. It was clear to her that this lack of access had a negative impact on patient care. She took to Instagram to help provide education on fertility genetics to help bridge the gap. She recently launched DNAide Genetic Counselling, her private practice which allows her to provide virtual fertility genetic counselling to patients internationally. Meaghan is passionate about genetics and working together with fertility patients ensuring that they are fully supported to make decisions that will be best for them and their families.

DNAide Counselling

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