Where do we begin!! Marlon and I met many years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Our core values, ambition, humour and love of the outdoors, family and friends aligned and drew us together and we have been living life to its fullest together ever since. We are both so hard working, so supportive of each other’s ambitions and goals and love spending as much time as possible together. We have a very close-knit family that consists of six siblings, six nieces and nephews and we can frequently be found hanging out together enjoying games nights and movie nights. 

Very soon into our relationship, our desire to start a family together began and was becoming stronger and stronger. The next few years were filled with many intense fertility treatments and procedures and multiple pregnancies which all sadly ended in losses.  We were absolutely crushed and defeated. One of my sisters was completely heartbroken for us and offered to be our surrogate! We were optimistic and excited but sadly that also ended in disappointment as she, unfortunately, did not pass the medical screenings.

After a total of 15 miscarriages, we made the heart-breaking decision to stop fertility treatments and try to move forward and accept that we would not be able to have a child together. The physical and emotional toll of all the miscarriages had just become too much. Shortly after making this decision one of our good friends called us with some incredible news. She wanted to be our surrogate!!! We were speechless and blown away by her generosity! As we began looking into the next steps for the surrogacy process we realized how expensive the process is!

We realize how precious this gift we are being offered is and want to do everything we can to make our dream of becoming parents together a reality!