Adrien and Matthieu are the proud recipients of the first Day 1 Grant created by Day 1 Fertility.

Apart from the $5,000 financial support, the Day 1 Grant offers coaching services to help grant recipients navigate their fertility journey.

10% of proceeds from Day 1 Fertility go towards the Day 1 Grant to help individuals or couples who hope to build their families through assisted reproduction.  Day 1 believes in selecting applicants who are diverse in terms of ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, relationship status, and medical history.

Message from Adrien & Matthieu:

Together for 15 years now, parenthood has been a goal that led us to immigrate to Canada from France for better chances of achieving it.  Even though we have been working towards that goal for a long time, our journey to become parents has faced greater challenges than we had anticipated, especially this past fall when the IVF cycle with our egg donor failed, and we were left with no embryos and a sizeable chunk of our savings gone.

So when we learned that we had been selected by the Fertility Friends Foundation to receive the Day 1 grant, we were so incredibly thankful and excited that we could try again.  We now feel better supported, a bit less anxious about money, and more hopeful that this journey will lead us to start our long-awaited family.

We couldn’t be more thankful to FFF for their time, help, and generosity!


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