Navigating the complexities of infertility is definitely challenging! You just can’t predict how long that path will be for you!  How many bumps you will face…

At my first meeting with my doctor, I learned that I had a cyst on my left ovary and another very small one on my right ovary.  We can still go with the process of IUI, but we will need to keep an eye on the growth of the left ovary cyst.

After three tries of unsuccessful IUI, I had to find another donor.  During the pandemic the reserve of sperm donors was very low.  It’s at that time that I’ve learned that I was a carrier of a genetic disorder. 

IUI is no longer a possibility for me.  I will need to have my embryos get tested before I could do the implantation.  OK, another bump… And this one is an expensive one!  But I’m grateful I learned this before I got pregnant! I can do this…

That’s when my journey started for IVF.  I redid some tests to learn that my left ovary cyst has grown, I have to be careful that my left ovary doesn’t twist and they also found a small polyp in my uterus. I

At my first IVF process, they were able to only retrieve six eggs, which surprisingly ended up with two embryos.  (They told me this was a good ratio!). Unfortunately, I could only transfer one since the other one was a carrier of my genetic disorder.  I had the opportunity to transfer that one embryo, but I needed to take care of that cyst and polyp first. So I got through the surgery before the embryo transfer. I went in the transfer process full of hope – that one embryo will be the ONE! But unfortunately, it didn’t work. 

Second IVF process! Started my injections and at my day 8 ultrasound… It got canceled prior to the egg retrieval due to low follicle count.  I didn’t even think of that possibility! That «bump», crush me totally! … Can I do this?!

That’s why I got so emotional when I received the news that I was one of the grant recipients of the Fertility Friends Foundation!  I was surprised to learn that the foundation also provided the support of a full team of different experts that are willing to give of their precious time to help me through this process.  It’s the perfect gift for someone who’s going through that process on its own.  It’s a roller coaster of emotions!

I have so much gratitude… I needed The Fertility Friends Foundation to take my hand at this time of my journey,  to give me the support to keep going and continue to hope… I can do this!! 

I will be forever thankful,



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