Hi, we are Nik and Mel!

We want to start off by saying we are so overwhelmed with gratitude that we were chosen as one of the Fall 2023 grant recipients.  We cannot thank Fertiity Friends Foundation enough for this grant as it eases the financial burden of starting our family.  We also want to express our gratitude not only for the grant but also for the support, hope and awareness they provide not only to their grant recipients but to all individuals struggling with infertility. 

Our fertility journey began far before we were a couple.  Nine years ago, at the age of 22 Nik was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  After an orchiectomy and a retroperitoneal lymph node dissection – he was deemed sterile due to the nature of the surgery and the complete removal of all of the tumors.  Prior to starting chemotherapy, Nik banked her sperm in the hopes of having a family some day.  Eight years later, Nik is now a cancer survivor.  He (as his wife am writing this) is the most positive, kind, and caring individual despite all the adversity and struggles he has faced.  He lives every day to the fullest and has a positive outlook on life.  His goal in life is just to make people smile – which he does every day for me.  As an oncology nurse in both pediatrics and adults – I know the struggles these individuals face daily.  Having insight as to what Nik went through makes me so proud to be his wife to see where he is today.  Nik is going to be the best father and I am so grateful there are treatments we can utilize to have children of our own. 

We met in 2015 but life took us on different paths for 5 years.  After reconnecting in 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic started, we knew we were a perfect match and have been inseparable since then.  Three years, a house, dog and marriage later, a family is the next journey we want to embark on together.  Early in our relationship we discussed having children.  We are fortunate to have amazing nieces and nephews whom we absolutely adore, but would love to have a family of our own. 

We know our chances of conceiving naturally is virtually impossible.  We saw a fertility specialist at One Fertility and have been deemed good candidates for IVF.  Although we are happy we can have our own children, through this procedure the financial stress and burden makes it hard to take a step towards that journey. 

We are excited to start our fertility journey and again, we want to thank the Fertility Friends Foundation for helping ease the stress financially for our (hopefully soon) growing family. 


Nik and Mel


Fall 2023 Grant Recipient Melanie & Nikola

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