Hi, we are Mishael and Roger.

Roger and I got married in 2016 and moved to Canada as first-generation immigrants, aiming to build a better future. We decided to delay having children until we felt stable in our careers in a new country.

By 2021, we were filled with hope and excitement at the thought of raising a family. The possibility of infertility never seemed real to us until it became our reality. We decided to become parents, unaware that our journey would be marked by uncertainty, tears, disappointment, and the desperate question of ‘why us’?

After trying for several months, we consulted our family doctor, who advised us to try for at least a year before seeking a fertility clinic referral. A year later, still without pregnancy, we switched doctors and discovered I had very low AMH.

We were then referred to a fertility clinic, where the initial appointment and blood work were scheduled six months later. After a few more months, I was diagnosed with Pre-Ovarian Failure/Diminished Ovarian Reserve, leaving egg donation as our only option to have children.

This news was devastating, especially since I was only 28 years old, and no one could explain why my AMH was so low.

In denial, I tried various methods to conceive with my own eggs, including homeopathy, naturopathic medication, meditation, acupuncture, Chinese traditional medicine, and changed my diet to improve egg quality.

We found it increasingly challenging to participate in daily life without the cloud of infertility hanging over us.

Visiting second and third fertility clinics only deepened our despair. I finally began seeing a psychiatrist to help cope with the grief.

Gradually, we started to see egg donation not as a second choice but as a beautiful path forward with its own unique advantages and joys.

We reached out to various egg donor agencies, but the financial burden of IVF combined with the costs of using an egg donor agency was overwhelming. We entered a vicious financial and emotional cycle, taking extra work shifts to cover treatment costs, which took a toll on our mental and physical health.

I came across the Fertility Friends Foundation on social media, and it felt like a beacon of hope.

Today, as we write this letter, we stand at the beginning of a new chapter.

We cannot thank Fertility Friends Foundations enough because they not only provided a grant to ease the financial burden but also offered wrap-around support, including education sessions, support groups, and access to fertility coaches.

Despite the hardships, we learned to accept what we couldn’t control and broadened our definitions of happiness, success, and family.

Our relationship grew stronger, and we love each other more than ever.

We couldn’t have continued this journey without the support of the Fertility Friends Foundation and are hopeful to share some wonderful news soon.

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