Hi Fertility Friends Foundation, my name is Stephanie and I am 38 years old. 

We have been TTC for the last 6 years without success so far, and after two rounds of IVF, a failed FET, and IUIs, we have still not been able to conceive and start our family. 

My husband, Alex, and I have been married for 10 years, and we always knew we wanted a family. We even picked our babies names before we picked our wedding date, and being a mom is my biggest dream. 

Sadly, we have been diagnosed with Male Factor Infertility, and I am considered a geriatric case due to my age, and we have not been successful with two rounds of IVF. 

We have a $36,000 debt mainly from fertility costs and we know we are running out of time to try one more time due to my age, but we have also run out of money to fund another round of IVF, the reason why we reached out to you.

Our dream (and our doctor’s recommendation) is to do another round of IVF with a mix of sperm donation (60% of the eggs would be fertilized with the donor’s sperm), and the rest would be with my husband’s sperm. 

A little bit about us: I am El Salvadoran- Canadian, I arrived in Canada 9 years ago, and even though getting used to a new country and culture was hard, I fell in-love with Canada and everything this wonderful country has to offer. 

I enjoy doing stained glass, pottery, and cooking, and I have worked in the mining industry for several years. 

My husband, Alex, is originally from Quebec City, and moved to Toronto in 2014, right before my arrival to Canada. He enjoys reading a good book, following international news, and loves hockey (sorry, he is not a Leafs fan). 

We have one fur baby named Jinsoon, she is a Korean Jindo/Japanese Akita 6 year old girl and she was rescued from a meat farm in South Korea in 2020 by a wonderful organization who also helped us with her adoption and travel to Canada into her forever home and family in the same year. 

We enjoy our daily walks and hikes with her, and she is wonderful with all humans, but especially with kids. 

We have a wonderful support system, which includes Alex’s mom and sister, my two sisters, and great friends. Sadly, my parents and Alex’s dad are no longer with us. 

Being parents is our biggest dream, and I would do anything I can to make our dream come true, but unfortunately, our finances have put a pause on our dream to grow our family.

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