I would wave it around and tap it on my belly and everyone else’s belly and poof there it would be a perfect grade AA embryo, implanted beautifully in a 10mm uterus lining and nine months later a baby in our arms.


A girl can dream right!?


But the truth is girls and boys did dream, they put their minds together and decades came and went, science evolved, intervention became possible and our human version of a magic wand did appear – an IVF baby was born.

We forget how advanced we are in the field of medicine when it comes to fertility, that merely 50 years ago the idea of making a baby through intervention seemed impossible, yet here we are.

However, as we continue to advance and interventions become more available and common, new barriers appear. Treatment is expensive, clinics are not accessible and emotionally we are not set up as a society to handle the mental health impacts that come with this experience.

As science evolves, support needs to evolve as well.

That is why I have teamed up with Fertility Friends Foundation to create a unique grant called “Day 1 Fertility Grant” that not only contributes to the financial struggle, but also supports the emotional one.


Let me take a step back and introduce myself.


My name is Emily Getz, I am the founder of Day 1 Fertility, a first of its kind support network that is on a mission to decrease the emotional suffering that comes with the fertility journey through podcasting, coaching and community.

I am a certified fertility, pregnancy and infant loss coach through Seeds of Growth, I am a neuro-linguistic practitioner, a fertility mindset specialist and a fellow fertility patient, about to undergo my 5th round of IVF. You can learn more about me hereWhen Day 1 was founded in May 2021, it was important to me that we were not only filling a gap on the emotional side, but we were also helping relieve some of the barriers when it came to the cost of treatment. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone because of how much goes into who receives grants, and I felt I wasn’t equipment to make those decisions.

So when I met the team behind Fertility Friends Foundation, I knew that combining forces was the answer.

Fertility Friends Foundation has what is needed to give grants, bringing together the right experts to help make tough decisions and a collective of partners that are making an impact in the industry.


Together we created – The Day 1 Grant.


The Day 1 Grant not only provides financial support, but in addition includes mindset coaching. If you are a recipient of the Day 1 Grant you will receive $5,000 towards treatment, 6 months access inside The Day 1 Membership ($720 CAD value) and two private coaching sessions with me ($350 Value).

To me, having a coach that provides new perspectives, reframes, tools and strategies is the missing piece of this journey.


Trust me, I know from experience.


I have gone through treatment for two years without a coach and two years with a coach and the difference is undeniable. My resiliency, strength, integration, decision making, anxiety and clarity is because I have someone on my side, holding my hand and helping me think and feel differently so my thoughts SERVE me as I take on the unknown.

Somewhere along the way, we decided to only invest in our bodies – supplements, diets, hormones, interventions – and completely ignore our mind. But we NEED the right mindset SO we can take care of our bodies. We can’t do one without the other – that is when we burn out and the “I can’t do this anymore” mindset really sets in.

I don’t have a magic wand, but I do have some magic and that magic comes from within. The magic is shifting (even slightly) the WAY you look at your fertility so you can still see the beauty that is your life.


The Day 1 Grant is open!

We cannot let finances being the primary boundary to building a family. Donate to help those who are struggling to build a family!

Fertility Friends Foundation is here to make a difference!