The challenges faced with fertility struggles encompass more than simply the physical and psychological stresses.  The costs of fertility treatments can be daunting.

The Province of Ontario offers a program that provides funding to participating fertility clinics across the province to cover treatment costs for eligible residents. You can check the eligibility criteria here: Get fertility treatments |

However, in Ontario, 45% of IVF cycles and 75% of gestational carriers are privately funded.


The costs of fertility treatments

IVF fees with your own eggs can range from $6,000 – $10,000 for natural cycles, and from $9,000 – $11,000 for stimulated cycles depending on the clinic.  These fees usually include cycle monitoring, egg retrieval, extended blastocyst culture, laser-assisted hatching, fresh embryo transfer and embryo freezing with one year of storage. 

Variable fees include ICSI, PGT (Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing), medication, sperm freezing and storage, frozen embryo transfer, embryo thaw and culture, positive serology screening and annual storage renewal (embryo/egg/sperm). 

Medication costs vary per patient and are based on each individual’s progress during the cycle.



For stimulated cycles, medication costs can range from $5,000-$8,000.

For natural cycles, medication costs can range from $600 -$1,000.

There are extra coordination fees if you are using a fresh or frozen sperm donor.

* Frozen sperm:  $3000
* Fresh sperm donor: $4500

There are extra coordination fees as well if you are using a fresh or frozen egg donor.

* Frozen egg donor: $1,750
*Fresh egg donor: $4500

A full IVF cycle using fresh egg donor will cost between $20,000 and $30,000. If you use a frozen egg donor, it will be between $15,000 and $25,000. The cost of gestational surrogacy varies between $50,000 and $90,000.

The cost of these treatments creates a lot of stress on the patients’ finance. Many patients must stop the treatments because they cannot afford them anymore. Finances have been and still are one of the main barriers for people to grow their families.



“My heart aches for each and every couple who has to endure the financial burden that comes with infertility and the desire to so badly want to grow their family”

Tara – infertility patient

 “The cost of fertility treatments is one of the reasons why patients will not continue their fertility journey. How many families do we see at our clinic who just cannot afford the treatments they need? A lot… To my mind, no one should give up building a family for financial reasons”.

Frederick Dzineku, MD, FRCSC


What are the resources available?

Ontario Fertility Program

The Ontario Government partially funds one funded IVF cycle per woman per lifetime.  You must be under the age of 43 and have an OHIP card in order to be eligible for the funding.  As well, IUI’s are partially funded for women with OHIP.  For a general overview of what the government of Ontario offers, please go to Get fertility treatments |

Corporate fertility benefits

In the past few years, some of Canada’s large companies have included fertility benefits in their employee coverage. You should always check your insurance plan to see if you could be covered for fertility treatments, medication and more.

Loan companies / patient financing

Some specialized companies offer a variety of ways you can pay for your medical services with no deposit required

Fertility Friends Foundation

Fertility Friends Foundation was created to provide financial support as well as educational resources to those challenged with fertility treatments, services, and costs.  The mission of this charity is to offer grants to cover expenses associated with fertility treatments such as IVF, egg and sperm donation and gestational surrogacy. Fertility Friends Foundation is a wonderful resource for those looking for assistance. Their application platform will be open from April 14, 2023  for a few weeks.


Message from the Founder & President of Fertility Friends Foundation

“It’s incredibly frustrating and psychologically painful for physicians and patients to have to delay fertility treatments or choose fewer effective therapies because of financial limitations.  A registered Canadian foundation destined to help those families in need achieve their dream of parenthood seemed like an obvious solution.

It is time to act!”

Chloé Roumain, MD, FRCSC
Fertility Friends Foundation Founder and President


Grant recipients, Fertility Friends Foundation

“We are so thankful and more than grateful to receive a grant from the foundation. We have been struggling for almost 7 years of secondary infertility. You could just imagine how costly 7 years of treatments can be. Foundations like yours can really help struggling couples like us achieve what we have been dreaming of our whole lives. We are so happy you guys exist and can help many more couples. You guys are a blessing. Thank you. “

Sim and Cesario, Grant recipients of Fertility Friends Foundation

We cannot let finances being the primary boundary to building a family. Donate to help those who are struggling to build a family!

Fertility Friends Foundation is here to make a difference!