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Want to maximize your chances of receiving a fertility grant?

Here are some TIPS to help you during the grant application process:

    1. Complete the Application Form by the deadline provided. Unfortunately, we will not accept any late application submissions or supporting documents.  Please note that Fertility Friends Foundation aka “FFF” grant will most likely not cover the full cost of your treatment; therefore, we will require you to submit a dollar amount of your contribution in the Application form.

2. Personal Story:

Fertility Friends Foundation would like to know a little more about you: hobbies, profession, family history, and why you would be a desirable candidate for a grant!

3. Upload the following documents:

  • Proof of Citizenship or Permanent Residency to your Application.
  • Photo of the front of your OHIP Card
  1. Medical Evaluation will be completed by your physician:

In the Application Form, you will find a link to the medical evaluation.

You are responsible to send the medical evaluation to your physician. He/She will need to complete the form and submit it.  Once completed, the form will be automatically sent to us.

IMPORTANT: On the Application Form, we will ask you to create a secret code composed of 6 numbers. This field is mandatory. You will need to communicate this code to your physician as it must be included in your medical evaluation.

This way, your application form will automatically be matched to your medical evaluation once we receive it.

  1. Pay the Application fee of $50.00.

Payment must be processed through our payment platform which will be visible once your Application is submitted.


  • Please do not submit any document(s) that are not requested.
  • You will receive an email, several weeks after the submission deadline, informing you if your Application has been pre-selected.
  • If you have not been pre-selected, you can submit another Application during one of our future grant application openings.

For Pre-Selected Applicants:

Please provide the following:

For Approved Applicants:

  • After the final review, FFF will connect with the grant recipients to discuss their grant approval.
  • FFF reserves the right to ask approved Applicants for additional documents to verify the truthfulness of their answers on the Application, such as a Criminal Background check, private insurance information etc.
  • Marketing & Communications: Once a grant is accepted, FFF will request pictures of the grant recipients, a written testimonial about your infertility story, plus ask to provide a short video telling what this grant means to you.
    We cannot let finances being the primary boundary to building a family. Donate to help those who are struggling to build a family!

    Fertility Friends Foundation is here to make a difference!