Khrystyne & Jaysun are receipients of Fertility Friends Foundation’s Dr. Shannon Corbett 2SLGBTQ+ Fertility FundThis fund was created in memory of Dr. Shannon Corbett who was an unwavering beacon of hope, expertise, and support through every patient’s care.  Her life’s mission as a physician was to support individuals from the 2SLGBTQ+ community in realizing their aspirations of forming their own families.  The establishment of this fund is meant to ensure that Dr. Corbett’s life mission continues on for many years to come.

Jaysun & Khrystyne testimonial:

It is hard to put our story into words when we are still learning what our story is.  We went into fertility with the idealization that we would be successful.  Each day was a step forward to a dream that we had created in our heads.

From a young age, Jay always dreamt about being a father, and Khrys being a mother and being able to share that dream with a partner. With Jay being a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community and having transitioned, he didn’t think that it was ever going to be a dream or  possiblity.

Once he met Khrys, this became a reality!

He finally found his soulmate and the person he wanted to share his life and start a family with. The beginning of our fertility journey was a rocky one, we went through one round of IVF that was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, it was a horrifying and terrible  experience, we felt extremely alone, lost, angry, misguided, and betrayed.  One minute, we were  jumping for joy and celebrating the fact that we had 7 fertilized eggs and within 24 hours, that completely changed, and we were left heartbroken and defeated to find out that we had one weak blastocyst to transfer and it did not make it.  During our fertility journey, we’ve had to make life-altering decisions such as moving out of our home to live with family.  

When you go through the process of fertility, you are leaning on each other and hope, it is a constant rollercoaster filled with twists and turns.  The feelings of hope slowly fade away – then all you can think  of is “Now what?”.  The what-ifs cross your mind.  Our concerns were finances and realizing that our dream may have run its course.  How are we going to afford to live, eat, and achieve this dream?

We leaned on our resources, our faith, and our family and friends for their love and support.

We are so grateful for this opportunity for help from FFF.  We can continue our story.  We can dig deeper into our next move. We are fortunate to have the support of our new doctors, nurses, resources, and groups to  move forward.  We hope that our dream comes to fruition.

We are forever grateful to Dr.Corbett and her family.  Thank you FFF.  Positive outcome or not – you will forever be in our hearts.  

Jay & Khrys


Fall 2023 Grant Recipient Khrystyne & Jaysun

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