It’s hard to find the right words to describe our fertility journey.

We’ve always known we wanted to be parents, picturing the joy and love that would fill our home. We dreamed about our future children, imagining their hobbies, holidays, and school days.

Never did we think that conceiving would be such a difficult path.

We married in 2020, and had stabilized our careers in 2021. When we decided to start trying, it felt like everything had aligned perfectly. But three and a half years later, we still haven’t been able to conceive naturally.

We’ve gone through two IVF cycles and experienced the heartbreak of one loss. This journey has been a roller coaster, with more drops than we ever anticipated. There have been moments when staying positive seemed nearly impossible.

But through it all, we’ve learned to lean on each other, becoming each other’s biggest support. We’ve been blessed with family and friends who are always in our corner.

As we venture into another IVF cycle, we’ve decided to travel to a new clinic. We wanted to try something different, but with travel comes additional expenses.

As Nova Scotia recipients of the Fertility Friends Foundation grant, we feel incredibly fortunate to have another layer of support as we begin this next treatment.

This generous gift came at a time when we desperately needed a ray of hope and positivity.

Having the support of Fertility Friends has renewed the sense of optimism we once felt when first starting this journey, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

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