It’s time to meet Fertility Friends Foundation Board members!

We are proud to have gathered such talented people who bring so much to our organization.  Our Board is diverse in origins, skills and experience and each of our Board members is passionate about reproductive health and infertility issues.


Dr. Chloe Roumain, Founder and President

Dr Roumain is an OBGYN and fertility specialist and she is the heart of Fertility Friends Foundation. She had the idea of creating this organization years ago witnessing the pain and financial struggles everyday in her patients’ lives. In her words: ´It’s incredibly frustrating and psychologically painful for physicians and patients to have to delay fertility treatments or choose fewer effective therapies because of financial limitations.  A foundation destined to help those families in need achieve their dream of parenthood seemed like an obvious solution.”


Isabelle Lefebvre-Vary – Executive Director

Isabelle is a professional nonprofit leader who has been passionate about reproductive health for a long time. Her awareness of infertility started when she suffered recurring miscarriages before being able to give birth to her three children. Isabelle brings her skills and professional experience to the foundation as she manages its everyday operations with passion and dedication.


Angela Hersch – Vice-President

Angela is the foundation’s guru in Strategic Planning.  Her core values, action plans and effective execution have helped the Foundation develop and perform key operational goals. When we are in the board room, Angela’s motto “What’s our assigned TCD?” helps drive the Team to stay aligned and complete their tasks on time. By the way “TCD” means Target Completion Date!  After a long journey with infertility, she is now the mother of a beautiful baby boy.


Maria Dornetta – Secretary

Maria has been treated for her infertility for 5 years. Now a mother of two, she knows very well what it means to wait to get pregnant, be disappointed and start the process all over again. Maria is a talented writer, talent that she uses very often to create new content for the foundation. Maria finds her passion in sharing her story to bring more awareness around infertility.


Michelle Flowerday, LL.B – Board Member

Michelle is a well-known fertility lawyer in Toronto.  She is a champion for couples facing infertility, for LGBTQ2S people/couples seeking to start a family, for single people looking to grow a family alone, and for surrogates and donors assisting in the process. Michelle believes that access to fertility treatment should be eased and made more accessible.  Michelle is a proud Board member of Fertility Friends Foundation and is committed to its growth and success.


Melanie Mitchell – Board Member

Melanie is well-known in the infertility world in Toronto because she brings so much dedication to her patients and to the clinics she works with. As an IVF nurse, Melanie knows the ups and downs of the infertility journey. She brings her experience and her medical point of view to the organization and is part of the medical committee which reviews the grants applications.


Celine Nonzerville – Board Member

Celine is an osteopathic manual practitioner whose passion resides in perinatal health, subject of her specialty diploma from the Paris Faculty of medicine in France. Celine is in charge of the support program that is available for all approved applicants of the foundation. This program will give them access to various specialists such as nutritionists, nurses, osteopaths, acupuncturists, registered massage therapists and more to maximize their chance of succeeding in their infertility treatments.


Dr. Frederick Dzineku – Board Member

Dr. Dzineku is a passionate fertility OBGYN, owner, with his wife, Dr. Roumain, of Tripod Fertility in North York, ON.  After many years of practicing infertility, gynecology, and obstetrics in both Montréal, QC and in Markham, ON, Dr. Dzineku knows very well the financial struggles many of his patients go through in order to receive the fertility treatments they need.

Join Us in Lending a Helping Hand

Together we can lend a helping hand to couples who dream of having a child. The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible to alleviate the financial and psychological burden of infertility

Grant Application

Grants are open to individuals or couples who hope to build their family through assisted reproduction.  Our committee takes financial hardship seriously and consideration will be given to each grant recipients.