When I went off to post-secondary, I had an intuition that things were not right with my cycle. I went to a family friend, who was a registered nurse, who referred me to the gynecologist. When I went to the first appointment, he said that I would have difficulty having children but that I didn’t have a partner yet so that he couldn’t do anything right then but he would keep monitoring things. Fast forward to meeting my husband in 2018, I had told him what the gynecologist had told me years earlier. He was very supportive, understanding, and wanted to do everything possible to make a family happen with me. After telling the gynecologist that I had found my now husband, he wanted to go the more natural route with medications that would help the quality and the count of eggs. After many months of this with no results, I went for a second opinion to a new fertility specialist. The new doctor sent us for all of the tests again. In January of 2022, I had finally received a diagnosis, to which I hadn’t received prior to, of Pre-Ovarian Failure and that our only option to have children would be with the use of an egg donor. This news hit me really hard and it took me a while to process it all. It wasn’t until I had an appointment with a fertility consultant who put things into perspective and recommended an agency who specifically handles egg donors and the intended parents, ANU.

Once we had our first conversation with them, we had hope of starting a family, again. We received different donor profiles to start taking a look to choose “the one”. We had looked at about ten different profiles before Matt and I both said that we have found our egg donor. Once we knew that she was the one, we told the agency and then they referred us to Dr. Victory in Windsor or Create in Toronto which Matt and I both wanted the referral to Dr. Victory because he would get us a victory with a baby.  But of course, a new doctor meant more tests again. This is where we are at now … waiting on test results to see if the donor and Matt match up. Then hopefully soon, we can sort out finances and all the medical paperwork to start the process for egg donation and IVF embryo transfer. We are really happy to have received this grant to put towards the cost of this process because as if infertility issues weren’t stressful enough, they also don’t come cheap.

Every little bit of help matters and is extremely appreciative by Matt and I. But it will all be worth it in the end when we have our little family and can express to our children how they came to be.