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I lost my husband in February 2022 after a 4 1/2 year battle with brain cancer.  Our fertility journey began after he was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor.  After emergency brain surgery and pending radiation treatment, we decided to safeguard our plan of starting a family by sperm banking. 

During the following 4 ½ years, we went through 4 rounds of IUI and 1 round of IVF in parallel with him undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, another two brain surgeries, and a final 3 months bed bound in rapid decline. 

I am still undergoing a complete reset and pivot in life, but I feel ready to take another step forward. I am truly grateful to be a recipient of a 2023 Fertility Friends Foundation Grant.  Securing this grant helps alleviate some of the financial stresses of becoming a young widow.  

I can’t put into words how devastatingly hard this last year without my husband has been, but I finally feel strong enough to continue the pursuit of creating our family.  My husband and I spent a beautiful 7 ½ years together building a deep, unwavering love.  It’s scary to continue our fertility journey without him, although emotionally, this is a truly priceless gift to keep our love and commitment alive.

Dana & Jamal