Author: Baden Colt, Not My Tummy

Building a family through surrogacy means clearing many obstacles. From creating embryos to trying to match with a surrogate to finally meeting your long-awaited little one, the process is long and challenging. On top of the physical and emotional tolls that intended parents face, finances often cause a roadblock that is simply too high to clear.

That’s why providing financial assistance to individuals and couples trying to build their families through surrogacy is so important – and why Not My Tummy and Fertility Friends Foundation have come together to create Canada’s first ever surrogacy-specific grant program.

Providing recipients with $5,000 through general Fertility Friends Foundation grants plus an additional $5,000 to put towards surrogacy clinic costs, the Not My Tummy Surrogacy Grant offers a new lifeline to those dreaming of holding their child in their arms. In addition to the financial support, Not My Tummy provides grant recipients guidance on storytelling with the goal of finding a surrogate match with a six week DIY Matching Roadmap plan.

This collaboration comes from a place of deep love and personal experience – as a mom by surrogacy, I was able to realize my own dreams of parenthood after years of financial planning and support from those around me. I am acutely aware that this path to motherhood almost evaded me based on finances alone – something that should never prevent a person from meeting their child.

The first Not My Tummy Surrogacy Grant will be awarded during the Fall 2024 grant application cycle, so stayed tuned and be sure to share with the members of the surrogacy community!