Dear Fertility Friends Foundation,

We like to compile our story with a mix of gratitude and grief, a story that many times passes through the intersection of hope and despair, while navigating the difficult landscape of infertility.  A journey full of its ups and downs; a unique journey that has tested the resilience of our spirits.

Two years ago, we chose to become parents. Little did we know that this decision would be marked by uncertainty, tears, and the bitter taste of failure and disappointment.  The first whispers of infertility knocked on our door, and as the months passed, they grew louder, echoing in every aspect of our lives.

Seven months ago, we faced the striking reality of a miscarriage, a saddening moment that has left us coping with grief and a profound sense of loss.  The “mourning” as we like to remember this event, lingered; but so, did our determination as well.

We sought professional help.  Our fertility doctor right off the bat recommended IVF treatment, recognizing it as our best chance for success.  However, the financial burden of this treatment loomed large, and the dream of parenthood felt distant.  Instead, we had to compromise with a series of medicated cycles of IUI treatments, hoping against the odds, that our long-awaited miracle would finally arrive.

The reality was not so great, as we had to face the disheartening news of failed IUI treatments five times.  Each negative result brought with it a roller coaster of emotions – disappointment, frustration, tears and at times, the desperate question of “why us?” Yet, we refused to believe that our story would be defined by these setbacks but by the resilience that bound us together during these challenging times.

Thankfully, there was light at the end of the tunnel.  Today, as we write this letter, we stand at the beginning of a new chapter.  We were fortunate to receive the incredible news that we are recipients of your generous grant, a lifeline that promises to ease the financial burden that comes with the hope of IVF treatments.  This grant is not just a monetary contribution to us, but a beacon of hope.  It is also a reminder there are kind and compassionate people among us who understand the depth and complexity of this tale, the tale of infertility.

We are excited about the possibilities that IVF may bring, and we do so with a renewed sense of optimism and gratitude.  We have the utmost appreciation for the support that has been extended to us.  Your foundation, through this grant, has helped us write a pivotal chapter in our journey and to rewrite our story.

Thank you for believing in us.


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