I am a single 37 year old woman who has not yet found the right one and doesn’t want to delay and risk losing my chance to have a child so I decided to have one on my own.  I am a public servant with the Federal Government in Ottawa.  I work at home full-time and have a lot of flexibility with my schedule, which would be ideal with young children.

My education was originally in Fine Art and Classical Studies.  I have been working on my Master of Arts in Communication part-time for the past couple of years.  I will complete my final research paper and graduate in 2024.

I do and teach yoga though not professionally at the moment.  I like to run and spend a lot of time outside in nature.  I live in an area where there are lots of lovely paths and beautiful nature to see and I dream about sharing that with a child someday.

My Fertility Journey
I decided 2 years ago to pursue having a child on my own and since have done 6 IUI procedures and 1 IVF cycle without success. This was challenging and emotional but I am very hopeful for this next cycle.  I have a great support network in particular my Mum who takes me to all of my appointments and provides emotional support along the way.  She will look after the baby once I return to work after maternity leave.

The costs of the treatments so far have been challenging especially in a time of such rapid inflation.  I am so grateful that The Fertility Friends Foundation has awarded me with this grant. Were I not to receive it I would need to delay the procedure for another year and at my age that could substantially lower the likelihood of conception.



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