Our story began just under 9 years ago in September 2013. We had met over breakfast and talked about our dreams, goals, and love for dogs. Since then, we have shared almost every waking moment at each other’s side. We studied together through university, found the joy in camping, travelled to many places in the world, discovered our favorite foods, rescued two loving dogs, bought our first home, and held one another through our scariest, saddest, and happiest moments. We are lucky to have shared some of our most cherished moments together and look forward to our future adventures. The most important of which, bring us here – starting a family.

We’ve always talked and dreamt about starting a family, but it has never come to fruition due to us being a same-sex male couple and due to the fertility costs and the added surrogacy costs. We have nieces and nephews who we love and adore, but there’s a spot in our hearts that we cannot wait to fill. We would not be able to make our dream come true without the help of our amazing egg donor.

Our decision to apply for the Fertility Friends Foundation grant, stems from the financial and psychological challenges associated with creating a family as a same sex couple.  The financial responsibilities associated with our goals to start a family have been taxing at times and this grant would assist in alleviating some of the financial pressures.  Additionally, the grant would alleviate some pressure in a way that allows us to be more emotionally available to the wonderful women who are assisting us on this journey.

Outside of our fertility journey, we both love to garden, hike, bike ride, and spend time with our family and friends. Justyn is the main cook in our household, and I take on the cleaning (he is a much better cook than me!).

We are forever grateful to be one of Fertility Friends Foundation grant recipients and we would never forget the generosity of the Fertility Friends Foundation.  We have a lot of love to give, and this grant brings us one step closer.