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I am deeply privileged that in my work as a clinical child and adolescent psychologist, those most vulnerable in our society allow me to come into their lives, bear witness to their pain, and walk alongside them on their road to wellness. While it is an honour to be part of the lives of the youth I work with and dedicate myself to their wellbeing, I have always longed for children of my own. 

Taking the initial step of deciding I wanted to become a solo parent was both exciting and daunting. I was confident in my decision to pursue this path, knowing that along the way, I would be held, cared for, and nurtured by my family, biological and chosen. But while I readied myself as best I could for the emotional ups and down, I had not prepared for the financial burden of four failed IUI attempts and a FET that ended in miscarriage. I faced the heartbreaking possibility of having to end fertility treatments, not because I was out of hope, but rather, money. Fortunately, my wonderful fertility clinic, Twig Fertility, suggested I apply to the Fertility Friends Foundation. 

I am so grateful to FFF for providing me with the financial support to continue on this journey and regardless of the outcome, will cherish this gift for a lifetime.