Hi, my name is Melissa and I have been on this journey for almost 4 years now from the start of my first pregnancy to this point. I’ve had five losses and I’ve had zero live births. 

My journey started in 2020, I was pregnant with identical twin boys. I was so over the moon excited as I had always wanted twins but more than anything I always wanted to be a mom.

Sadly I delivered them stillborn in March 2021.

I was devastated, shattered. I donated their milk in memory of them to Mount Sinai/ Sick kids hospital for 4 months. 

At the beginning of January 2022, my partner (that I conceived my sons with) and I separated, and right away I knew that I didn’t want to wait to find another partner. The only thing that mattered was giving my son’ siblings to watch over from up above.

So I decided I wanted to do it alone, as a single mother by choice. I purchased donor sperm and did 5 IUI’s in 2022, they all failed. I did RPL blood work and found out I had a blood clotting disorder so all future pregnancies and attempts I would use an injection blood thinner.

I then did my funded IVF in April 2023, my egg retrieval was on Easter Monday, such a perfect day for an egg hunt! I ended up with 4 embryos from that round. I transferred the first of May and it was successful but ectopic.

I had to wait awhile to try again after having chemo to end the pregnancy.

In September, I did my second transfer and I saw two pink lines again but they quickly faded and sadly it was a chemical pregnancy. I did a biopsy in October for Endometritis and it was negative.

I did my third transfer in November and it was successful, but I had an 8 week miscarriage just after Christmas. Since then, I have found out that I have both endometriosis and immune issues, and I have done immune treatments such as LIT to try and help my body not react so strongly each time I’m pregnant.

I have one embryo left and I am financially maxed out – savings spent, debt accumulated, and insurance lifetime maximum hit.

It’s scary to be on your last embryo.

I was really worried that if that embryo didn’t make it to be alive in my arms, then my journey would be over.

This grant has given me the ability to try again and continue to try and build my family. I am very hopeful with 5 angels watching over me that my next steps are successful!

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